Real Estate Solution:

Wireless data solutions from NT Software are the answer for these busy professionals. Our PDA/smartphones ( BlackBerry 7250, UTStarcom PocketPC 6700, and Palm Treo 650) combine a full-featured mobile phone, an organizer for contacts, calendar, and tasks, wireless email, text messaging, web access, and more.

All-In-One Device -

Realtors can take care of business with just one device. Along with a phone, an organizer, email and SMS messaging, and web access, they can add third party applications for Multiple Listing Service (MLS), mortgage calculators, and maps and driving directions. The Treo 650 and the Pocket PC also have built-in camera and video capabilities. In some areas, the Treo can also be used as a key for lockboxes (GE Supra lockboxes).

For access to exclusive realtors only MLS web sites in the Jackson, MS market agents can use an application, Pocket Real Estate Wireless, which can be obtained through the Jackson Association of Realtors. The Memphis, TN Association of Realtors uses Agility software. As more information on other local association services becomes available, updates will be provided.

Specialty calculator programs that compute monthly payments for different interest rates, price and down payment scenarios are available from several third party vendors.

Keep Organized

Powerful organizer applications allow realtors to keep all of their business and personal information in one place.

It allows them to have to most updated, synchronized, and complete list of contacts and phone numbers, which saves time. They can use drive time to reconfirm appointments for the day, follow up on a lead in between property viewings, or alert a client as a property goes on the market – before anyone else is aware of it.

Use Tasks lists to prioritize and track projects and “to do” items. Eliminate the multiple notebooks and information written on a sticky note or the back of a business card. Keep track for business and personal appointments using the Calendar function. Events can be viewed on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly view.

Stay Connected

With wireless connectivity realtor professionals can send and receive emails and SMS text messages, and browse the web, so they are always in touch with their customers and the office, and up on the newest information in their field.

Agents can download content from websites and read them while waiting for clients to arrive or while waiting in line at the grocery store or the bank. They can access everything from bank account info to business news and weather reports.

Provide Customers with Better Service

Extending an agent’s office to the field on an all-in-one device improves productivity and gives agents an advantage in a competitive market. The solution helps agents manage multiple customer relationships and requests more easily.

Agents will be able to service more clients at a higher quality level and a faster pace than ever before. Plus timely access to dynamic information, such as price and status of a sale, speeds up the sales cycle.

Cost Justification

The sale of a $100,000 property can net an agent $1,500 or more in commissions. This will more than cover the cost of a PDA ($199-$299) and a year’s subscription to an Unlimited Data Plan ($49.99 x 12 = $599.88).